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Valued Client Testimonial of Icon ST845 PP Integrated Tube Amplifier (Owner's Choice)

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hi Warren

Spent the best weekend in my audio life listening to this superb Integrated.

WOW, the first and most important quality being is the sound stage.

As you know it is the third unit bought from you and every one of them was well design, excellent craftmanship,  with a certificate of quality assurance, and a look that will attract any one.

  1. Superb soundstage, imagine a thick wall of sound, all instruments and voices at the right place but with air around them,  same as if you hear a guitar in a room you know where it is but you also hear the reflection which add to the presence,

  2. Excellent Frequency response : people tell you that tube colour or warm the sound, I have found that compare to the many other amps (SS or Tube) I have tried this is the most neutral

  3. Bass is there, not shy but not overemphasized, I can now make the difference between Fender, Hofner, Double bass ( obvious but the caracter of the player is easy to grasp)

  4. Finally voices and highrange are not agressive but well modulated, a pleasure to listen with any style of music

  5. Dead quiet, no hum, no tube rush and very short break time, less than 15 hours.


TT: Mcintosh MT5

Cart:  Dynavector 20X2L

Phono:  Icon Audio PS3

CD: Cambridge transport and DAC

Amp: ST845pp

Speakers: Tannoy Kensington

Cables power and RCA: Pangea Audio

Tubes are from Icon Audio and for the first time I am not incline to swap any of them

More than happy, Rejean

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