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TT and Vinyl Enthusiasts

Updated: May 19, 2020

Greetings All Vinyl Lovers

During this uncertain period when many of us find ourselves with allot of home time it is worth noting that it also presents a quality opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends. It is also an excellent opportunity to listen to all those tunes that you never seem to find the time to spin.

For our new or newly returned music lovers that find the superior sonic rewards of vinyl here are some basics to remember. Our Seasoned TT users will please be tolerant of these elementary suggestions:

The attached photo will illustrate some basic practices that we have found to give a great return with wonderful sound results:

TurnTable Speed: It is very important to ensure that your table is turning at the correct speed. I personally enjoy a slightly faster turn at 33.4 however this may vary depending on individual tastes and equipment. Speeds under 33.3 can be noticeably unpleasant and can deliver a musically incorrect presentation particularly with sustained music such as strings. If you don't have a speed tachometer you can download free apps on your cellular phone that may not be as accurate however should provide valuable information.

Clean Records: It is recommended by the Pro's to use your carbon brush prior to any record playing. The suggested method is to hold the brush lightly on the record for a few spins and then draw towards the center ending by touching the pin. Many users mistakenly assume a record is scratched when it really only needs a good cleaning. There are a variety of wet and dry cleaning record products and services available that are typically well worth the cost.

Stylus: Equally as important as record cleaning it is recommended to continually clean and keep clean the stylus. When using the small carbon brush it is recommended to clean from back to front and not side to side. The Onzow Zerodust Stylus cleaner is easy to use and gives great results.

Balance: Like your speakers it is very important to ensure that you TT is balanced. A simple level can provide valuable information.

Weighted: Turntable manufactures vary in the method they use to ensure that the record is level and slip-free. Sometimes a simple cork or rubber mat will help where more sophisticated TT's use weights or clamping methods.

Cartridge Demagnetizing: If you have noticed your MC cartridge does not sound as good as it use to with muddy lows and/or rolled off mid and highs you may have magnetic build up. This simple to use product delivers a "back to great" result when used regularly. This particular product is not recommended for use with MM and MI cartridges.

Static: The highly recommended anti-static gun is easy to use and eliminates the "crackle, snap and pop" that only belongs in breakfast cereal.

I hope these basic suggestions are found interesting and useful by all. Stay safe and healthy and we at Audioarcan and associates look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Best Regards, Warren Lavender

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