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Report from Icon PS1 customer in B.C. Canada

Updated: May 19, 2020

Hi Warren,

I wanted to let you know I had the most enjoyable morning as I listened to a crop of records. ThIs phono pre really sounded fantastic. 

I read the manual a few times before the unit arrived, so hooking it up was a snap. I experienced no hum or noise at all. Yesterday I made the mistake of listening before it was properly warmed up, but this morning I waited a good 20 minutes & the sound coming out gave me a big smile, indeed.

 I was fairly happy with the sound of my iFi Phono 2 pre, but the Icon has much better weight to kick & bass. Orchestral instruments are just stunning - worlds more convincing. The instruments more ‘locked in’ to the mix. Right now I’m listening to Aimee Man’s Mental Illness album (acoustic & orchestrated collection of songs). It’s like I’m in the studio. Believe me, I’m a very satisfied customer. 

Thanks again for your time & expertise with everything.

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