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PS1 Customer Auditions Vinyl v Digital

Hi Warren,

I started a few hours ago.  OMG!!!  It was a very short war.  I have not been pleased with the audio quality when playing vinyl ever since I got my current phono preamp.  Using my current phono preamp, I listened to side one of a180g copy of Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon.  Then I disconnected my current phono preamp and installed the PS1 and listened to the same side again.  The difference was immediate and astounding.  Here are my initial observations:

Much much quieter



Rich/Deep (nice tubey sound)

Great bass

Bottom line: I now realize that my current phono preamp is a piece of s""t.

I feel like I have a new sound system, always thinking that the sound of vinyl seemed harsh and unnatural.  I have found myself listening to more digital sources lately because they sounded better than vinyl.  I may be back to playing vinyl again.

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