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Mounted the Etsuro Urushi Gold MC Cartridge

Updated: Apr 1

The Etsuro Urushi Gold is absolutely the best cartridge we have experienced. It was hard to imagine that there could be more to appreciate then the Etsuro Urushi Cobalt Blue and Bordeaux provided however the Gold went even further in detail and balance. It really is like hearing your favorite vinyl for the first time realizing there was more music in the groove.

The upgrade from the Origin Live Illustrious to the Enterprise tonearm seem to allow the Gold to deliver tighter bass and even and balanced warmth that is missing in our digital system. The Etsuro Urushi Gold is certainly high-end and is not for everyone's budget with a Canadian MSRP of $18K. For those who want to experience the most that Vinyl can offer the Gold paired with a comparable tonearm and phono stage preamp is our recommendation.

Our System - Pure Fidelity Horizon TT, Origin Live Enterprise Tonearm, Etsuro Urushi Gold MC Cartridge, Icon Audio PS3 MKII MM/MC Signature. Icon Audio LA4 MKIII Signature In-Line Preamplifier, Icon Audio 845 tube Mono Blocks, and PMC Fact 12 Spreaker.

Cheers and Happy Listening, Warren - Audioarcan

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