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Klipsch Representative selects Icon Audio Stereo 40 MKIV Signature to drive horns.

Recently I received the Icon Audio Stereo 40 MKIV Signature to drive the Klipsch Jubilee’s horn stages. It’s a 2-way external crossover speaker system developed by Klipsch in the Heritage series. Very revealing speaker system and 1 watt = 110 DB

I’m totally blown away by the sound signature driving the Horns.. As we discussed prior to the new purchase, I had a Willsenton R8 Kt88 with Matched Pvsane tube upgrades and new caps. It’s night and day, the difference of sound quality even with no hours of burn-in. Prior to the change, I was so satisfied with the sound. Now I realize it poor performance when making a comparison to Icon Audio.

I really appreciate all of the time you invested in our discussions of noise floor and variable volume control options. As you know I’m a New York Klipsch independent representative and have many Klipsch speakers in my summer home. Also in Great Neck, I have a Cello high-end system that Mark Levenson designed and installed in 1996. I clearly have a good ear and love loud music.

Thank you very much for the solution and direction with the Icon Audio amp. I look forward to playing music for a lot of friends and years of enjoyment. Happy Holidays...Norman

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