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Client Testimonial On New Icon Audio Stereo 40MKIV Integrated Tube Amplifier

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Hi Mr Lavender,

First of all thanks for the really fast shipping (as usual I might add), the integrated was well packed and arrived in perfect condition. Set up was a breeze as the tubes were well labeled and the Stereo 40 MKIV was up and running in a few minutes. Right of the bat, it became obvious the ST40 would power my B&W CM10 very easily whether, in triode or ultra-linear mode, the bass is powerful, tight, and fast in fact the one aspect that surprised me the most is just how fast this integrated is it sure has rhythm, I was always led to believe tube amps were supposed to be on the soft/slow side of things it certainly ain’t the case here. I thoroughly enjoy the texture and crispiness it has added to instruments such as violins and acoustic guitars along with its effect on human voices which now sound more “alive” if this does make any sense...

In conclusion, the Stereo 40 MKIV has met all my expectations thus far and is a keeper,I am joining a picture of my listening room which is a work in progress that already sounds very good.


*** NOTE The Icon Audio PS2 Phono Stage and Icon Audio MC TX (Stepup for MC)

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