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Client input on Icon Audio PS1 MKII MM/MC Phono Preamp

Hello Warren,

I wanted to let you know that we’ve put about 25 hours on the Icon Audio PS1 Mk II MM/MC phono preamp now, and it’s really showing its stuff. The sound is fuller, broader, and deeper than our previous phono stage. Vocals and instrumentation have a very natural presentation and texture that we’re finding substantially more pleasing and involving than what the old solid state unit was capable of rendering. Dynamics were improved out of the box, but we splurged on a nice aftermarket power cable for it, and they—along with everything else—took a great bound forward in quality. The Icon Audio PS1 Mk II really is an impressive piece of kit, and we can’t wait to hear how it sounds when we’ve actually gone through more than half the break-in period.

Thanks again for everything,

Mike & Tanya

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