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Client Feedback on Graham Slee Reflex M


Here is my observation about the Graham Slee Reflex M received. It was hooked with a regular power supply at first, it is very fast, quiet, and accurate with a fabulous 2D and 3D soundstage. It reproduces with fidelity what your cart is extracting from the groove without bringing some coloration. My Grado Platinum 3 is a good match with it, you never get tired of spinning vinyl. Everything got better after about 40 hours, then I installed it on an isolation platform. A little improvement in all aspects. After everything was burned and very satisfying, I hooked it up to my SBooster BOTW P&P ECO 24V MKI. Again, this is an upgrade in all aspects, especially the 3D soundstage. This phono stage is impressive, it paired perfectly with my Primaluna and Focal Aria. Thanks again for your good service and advice. Regards Stephane

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