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Wyred 4 Sound ST1 500 v2 Int. Amp *SOLD*

This solid-state amplifier is in mint condition and with lots of power

  • 1 hour
  • $1395.00
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Service Description

This recently purchased new Wyred4Sound Integrated amplifier was traded in on a tube Icon Audio amp. It is only a few months old and is in MINT condition with remote control, original packaging (double boxed) and documentation. Arrived this week this amplifier is ideal for the audio enthusiast that is looking for lots of power and/or matching with power hungry speakers. * Note * Grey color (actual amplifier). Description and Overview First of all, the W4S STI-500 is actually a less powerful version of the W4S STI-1000 integrated amplifier. Its features and built-in line stage preamplifier are identical. The STI-500 uses the less powerful B&O 500ASP module instead of the B&O 1000ASP model. So for those of you who can get by with a meager 250 watts per channel at 8 ohms and 550 watts/channel at 4 ohms, you can save $500 by purchasing the STI-500. If you have efficient speakers, you simply won’t need any more power than the STI-500 will provide. The line stage preamp employs Wyred 4 Sound’s proprietary fully balanced dual FET unity gain buffers for the inputs, and a true resistive-ladder volume control. This arrangement provides for balanced output on all inputs including the unbalanced RCA’s via internal conversion. One pair of XLR balanced inputs and 4 RCA inputs are provided. Input 5 can be used as an HT throughput if selected. All inputs are nameable. There is one pair of RCA preamp outputs, which means that the STI-500 can also be utilized as a high-quality stand alone line stage or a basic power amplifier via the HT throughput. The preamp outputs can alternately be used as a subwoofer output. It is also worth mentioning that the input impedance of the STI-500 is higher than usual for a solid-state amplifier (over 60k-ohms), which means it can be driven more easily and in a more linear fashion with a wider range of source components.

Contact Details

  • Barrie, ON, Canada


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