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Graham Slee Jazz Club - MM w/EQ *SOLD*

Used Jazz Club Moving Magnet phono stage with PSU1 and stereo/mono

  • 1 h
  • $750 CDN
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Service Description

Jazz Club Archival Phono Preamp Bringing New Life to Old Records - and modern records too! The Jazz Club phono preamp will put new life into the sound of your old records: 78s; early vinyl LPs and EPs. It does so by restoring their original tonal balance - something a modern phono preamp cannot do. It also has the correct tonal settings (RIAA) for newer records meaning you only need this phono preamp for all your record collection. The Jazz Club is supplied with the PSU1 power supply and is fitted with a rear panel mono-switch. Plus you'll get an Old Record EQ information sheet, and more information on old record EQ can be found here. The Jazz Club stereo phono preamplifier stage is a "legacy product" superseded by the Revelation phono preamplifiers. It was intended to be retired along with the Era Gold V phono preamp upon which the Jazz Club is based. However, public demand for both these phono preamps is still high and we therefore continue to manufacture and support them. Using The Jazz Club Archival Phono Preamp As well as being a hi-fi turntable preamp, the Jazz Club features settings to equalise pre-RIAA records. This means you can enjoy all your records - not just old ones - because the Jazz Club stereo turntable preamp is a great sounding hi-fi turntable preamplifier! After connecting it up to your turntable, amplifier and/or recording equipment, and plugging the power supply in, you will then need to set the switches to suit the record you're playing. By setting the switches to their RIAA positions a modern stereo vinyl LP will be played with the correct EQ, and will give the right tonal balance. When playing an older record you need to note its record label (its manufacturer's name), and look up the settings given in the information sheet EQ tables. We selected an old Brunswick 78 rpm shellac record and using a turntable equipped with a 78 rpm setting, consulted the EQ tables. The recommended switch positions are "out - out - 500", so the two leftmost switches were set to their mid "out" positions, and the right-hand switch set to 500 (which also happens to be the RIAA bass EQ setting).

Contact Details

  • Barrie, ON, Canada

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