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Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux MC Cartridge SOLD

Mint Condition with low play hours - Outstanding Sound * MSRP $9635

  • 1 hour
  • 5,500 Canadian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

ETSURO-URUSHI BORDEAUX - Mint Condition and low play hours. I was looking for a world class MC Cartridge that would be a step up from the outstanding Hana Umami Red. Excel in Japan offer their Hana award winning cartridges and the Etsuro Urushi is their premium high-end product line. There are three Etsuro Urushi cartridges - Cobalt Blue ($6,600) - Bordeaux ($9,635) and Gold.($18K). I started with the Cobalt Blue which I found to be just outstanding. Detail and warmth in a wonderfully musically true balanced sound and the best cartridge I have heard on my system After using the Cobalt Blue at the 2022 Audiofest show in Toronto with over whelming positive Client feedback I upgraded to the Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux. Loved it so much I have just purchased the Gold. This Etsuro Urushi Bordeaux is in mint condition and has low play hours for years of use and enjoyment. *** Local Auditions available by appointment. Contact Warren at OR 249-880-5040. *** The Bordeaux uses the stylus with the contact surface of 80μm「Super micro line diamond chip, which accurately traces the ultra-precise groove. This special stylus is aimed to play the sound recorded on the record in its true colors. The sapphire pipe material has been chosen for the cantilever. By using sapphire which carries superb sound transmission character and hardness, the Bordeaux achieved vibration transmittance in high speed without creating any distortions. Not only for the cantilever, but the Bordeaux also introduced sapphire material at the base section.The base section which comes in contact with the headshell uses 2.5mm thickness pure sapphire plate. Because of this, the vibration transmission mechanism is completed in one body so that the cartridge could thoroughly eliminate the loss of signal. The magnetic circuit is combined with the electromagnetic soft iron and samarium cobalt magnet allowing magnetic performance consistent to the vibration of the coils to secure overall balance and thickness to the sound.The terminal pin has been plated with gold plating to increase the contact between the terminals. The housing of the Bordeaux has been handcrafted and applied with Japanese traditional urushi craft on the Extra-super duralumin (AL7505). The urushi coating of each Bordeaux body goes through various complex processes, handmade by the craftsmen of the long established Urushi Sakamoto Company, in order to gain rigidity and the beautiful texture layering of the Bordeaux colo

Contact Details

  • Barrie, ON, Canada


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