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Acoustic Solid 111 Metal Turntable *SOLD

Excellent condition (New August 2021) Turntable w/ Rega TA and Stand

  • 1 hour
  • $2995CDN
  • Location 1

Service Description

Showroom DEMO Acoustic Solid 111 Metal turntable with Rega Tonearm and Stand. ($600 value). Purchased new August 2021. QUALITY PRECISION BUILT BY ONE OF GERMANY'S FINEST TURNTABLE CRAFTSMEN- NO CARTRIDGE INCL. This turntable looks as good as it sounds! INCL. Platter: 6 kg full aluminum 30 mm Mat: Mat of felt Tonearm, Motor type: Synchronous Contr One of the best things about a turntable is that you can always fiddle with it, add to it, improve it. One can optimize the adjustment, try a different cable or a higher quality weight, provide a more suitable surface – and there are many possibilities to actively deal with your analog hobby apart from listening. Often enough the manufacturers themselves offer tuning options – just think of Linns huge selection for the LP12. Acoustic Solid from the Swabian town of Altdorf in southern Germany doesn't go quite as far. Nevertheless, anyone who chooses the popular Solid 111 Metall from their "Aluminium Line", which costs around 2140 Euros including a Rega tonearm. Acoustic Solid Solid 111 Metall – base version The basic version of the Solid 111 Metall with a simpler plate puck costs about 2140 Euro as shown. For these, a further 540 Euros are due, transforming the despite its solidly made parts – the plate alone weighs a whopping six kilograms and is equipped with a felt mat as well as a three-millimeter thick acrylic layer – almost filigree looking player into a graceful analog altar. Also, it does not exclusively appeal to analog "bling-bling"-fans, but is, of course, primarily intended to increase sound performance. "Helmsman" gives Sinus Then, the metallic sparkling drive sits enthroned on a sharp-looking round base with a shimmering black acrylic surface, a radiant aluminum rim and anti-resonance feet dampened by a silicone mixture, which decouple it from the surface it stands on. Three cylinders made of the thermoelastic plastic POM, which are pushed as desired into the space between this base and the two-centimetre-thick base plate of the lathe, reinforce the optical might and are also intended to reduce residual vibrations. Another plug lifts the external motor unit to the now necessary higher level. For about 300 Euros Acoustic Solid further offers a stand set including a heavier record weight, single puck and drill bit for the cautious widening of narrow LP center holes. This thing really is impressive and is guaranteed to make other analog fans glow of envy. *** Note ** Stand shown in photo included.

Contact Details

  • Barrie, ON, Canada


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