For Those How Want The Warm And Full Sound Of Tubes For Their MM Phono Cartridge There Is The Icon PS2 MM. Outstanding Sound At An Affordable Price ** Includes All Tax/Freight/Brokerage To Locations Within United States And Canada. Check Out All Our Products At

Only valves (tubes) can make the LP sound this good! Our PS2 is a “one box” version of our award winning PS1. Using the same circuit as the PS1 with a simplified power supply. Excellent value, it is built to the same high standard, hand made and hard wired. It will complement the finest quality Moving Magnet cartridges or Moving Coil with our optional transformer. Regardless of the other components in your system we guarantee you will hear more “warmth and colour” with a PS2. We realised that not everyone with a modest LP collection can aspire to a “Hi End” phono stage, so we have kept all the important features of the PS1 so preserving the essential sound quality of a pure valve phono stage, at a price which compares with other “entry level” units. The PS2 is hand built by the same team as the PS1 and PS3 using the same hand built methods that ensure the consistent quality that we are known for. New for 2014 is an improved black finish, updated power supply and a “stereo/mono” switch to reduce the noise of mono recordings.



*** Audioarcan Is The Authorized Canadain Distributor For Icon Audio UK Tube Amplifier Solutions. All Prices Include Tax and Shipping Within Canada and Come With a Two Year Warranty Serviced From Our Location in Barrie, Ontario. *** 


Can be ordered from this website or by emailing us a request for a PayPal invoice at Prices includes tax/shipping to any address within Canada. US orders also availablle in US currency by email request.

Specifications and Features  Comprehensive manual supplied  All hand wired point to point  No printed circuit board to spoil the sound  All Triode valves 3x ECC83  Sensitivity: 5mv for 1v output  For MC may be used with our MC transformer  Gain x 200  Load: imp: 47k MM  Output impedance 50 ohms  Signal to noise level -75db  RIAA Freq response 20hz-20khz +0 - 1db  NO global feedback used  High quality resistors  Hi Fi quality audio capacitors  Silver PTFE audio cable  Gold plated Input/output terminals  220/240volts (also 115v), 40watts  C E. ROHS  Dimensions: 31cmW x 14.5D x 12.5H  Shipping size/weight 27cm x 14cm x 70cm 2.5kg

Icon Audio PS2 MMTube Phono Stage

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