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*** Icon Audio Speakers designed by David Shaw ***  PRICE SPECIAL *** NEW IN THE BOX - FULL WARRANTY - Pick up - or FREE SHIPPING within Canada. ***

** Save by Purchasing Direct from Distributor and Receive Dealer Pricing** Designed by David Shaw for low to high output tube amplifiers or solid-state 15 -150 watt amplification. Designed and built in the UK **
Have you ever wanted speakers to sound as good as they look? You will find them in the Icon Audio MFV Line Up. ** The Icon Audio MFV Speakers were Designed by David Shaw and handmade in the UK to sound full range amazing with small output tube amplifiers or 15 -150 watt solid state amplification. Superior sounding "as good as they look " speakers that are veneer wood cabinets UK built and finished professionally with attractive beveled corners that will make a wonderful furniture addition to any room. Excellent sounding full-range speakers that are ideal for medium to large rooms where sonic results can be appreciated. Warm bass with balanced mids and crisp highs. Speakers are New in the Box with a Two Year Warranty provided from our office in Barrie, Ontario, CAN. Total Price for Icon Audio MFV3 Super speaker system is $ 3,495. Can be picked up or FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CANADA. ** Auditions can be scheduled by appointment **. Contact us at removed email for privacy or Office: 249-880-5040.

** CURRENTLY IN STOCK (DEMO) or will be ordered from the UK **

*** Check Out Our Complete line of Products We Offer At *** Contact us at removed email for privacy -- Office: 249-880-5040

The MFV 3 MKIII is our most advanced speaker. It
incorporates several upgrades from the standard
model including advanced bass unit magnets, double
magnets for treble unit, heavier cabinet damping.
This is a floor standing model capable of filling a
large room with beautiful golden sound from 15
watts. It features two of the same high definition, low
colouration driver used in the MFV 2, using a very
large voice coil with pure copper wire.
Close attention has been paid to the finish, the MFV3
MKIII super comes in either superb walnut or cherry
real wood veneers finished in a beautiful semi matt
lacquer. Bronze floor spikes are supplied
Specifications and Features
 Designed for tube or solid state amps of 10w to 150w
 Efficiency 92db MFV3 Super. 90db MFV2 88db MFV6
 Nominal impedance 6Ω
 Designed in Leicester UK
 Rare earth NdFeB magnets
 Oversized magnets for extra efficiency
 Low Oxygen copper wire voice coils
 Very low F0 tweeters with copper ring
 Smooth impedance curve
 High overall sensitivity
 Easy to drive load
 Hand made crossovers with audiophile caps
 Audiophile inductors
 Long grain loudspeaker quality MDF
 Real wood veneers
 Choice of Cherry or Walnut veneers
 Shielded magnets for minimum magnetic field
 Supplied with attractive front cover
 Dimensions each:-
MFV3 MKIII 109H X 21W X 35D (cm) 27KG
Specification and price subject to change
NEW MKIII Updates include:
 Upgraded simplified crossover
 Improved efficiency
 Heavy duty composite rubber dampening
(8KG per speaker)
 Cast alloy basket
 Heavier density MDF
 Improved HF unit design

Icon Audio MFV3 Super Speaker *Returned June 2022*

C$3,995.00 Regular Price
C$3,495.00Sale Price

  • Get the best from your tube amplifier by pairing the Icon Audio MFV3 (made for valve/tube) Super Floor Speakers. Also excellent with SS amplifiers these UK designed speakers are outstanding in sound and appearance. 

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