Turn your Icon PS2 MM into a PS2 MM/MC with the Icon MC TX. 


Designed to complement any Moving Magnet Phono Pre-amplifier The MC TX is perfect for those who want to change from Moving Magnet to Moving Coil without the hassle of changing equipment. Just plug in between your turntable and phono stage nearly any MC will be matched to your amplifier. Designed to get the best out of your moving coil cartridge as used in our PS1 and PS3 phono preamplifiers, we found that many customers were asking for these transformers in a “stand alone” box that could be used with any phono pre-amplifiers. The MCTX Story “Some years ago when I was buyer for a hi fi retailer, I was fortunate enough to be invited on a factory visit to a well know pick up manufacturer in Denmark. The visit included various seminars about the manufacture and how to get the best performance from pickups. I came away having learned two very important lessons”: I, MM cartridges have a serious flaw which is hard to counter, in that at high frequencies they tend to resonate adding to distortion and noise. One of the reasons why Moving Coil sounds better. 2, Moving Coil cartridges sound better through a transformer, rather than a step-up amp (or stage). This is because the impedance and gain characteristics of a transformer are so well suited to the job. Also they are noise free, and have very low distortion and hum. Some phono pre-amplifiers have a moving coil (MC) x5 pre-amp fitted, but the results of these can be disappointing as they are usually an extra low cost microchip stage which adds noise and make the sound mechanical and uninteresting. Whereas a good quality transformer will add nothing, whilst giving a true interpretation of the original sound. Solid construction is important for protection against noise and vibration. We use high quality transformers using the best low oxygen copper, made into extremely thin wire, and hand wind the coils onto the rare earth metal formers. These are triple screened using Mu metal for minimum hum pickup. These are mounted on a stainless steel and alloy chassis using high quality gold plated terminals. Your current pre-amp or phono stage may well have the common “one chip” solution to get the extra gain for moving coil cartridges, adding a good Moving Coil but this can be disappointing as all the “true high end” equipment uses the transformer solution. The improvement gained by using the more expensive solution of transformers is not fully understood. But conventional thinking is that using a time honoured simple transformer works much better than using a cheap modern solution that is disappointing. Only a well made transformer can give the organic interaction that takes place between your expensive pickup and your pre-amplifier. It is a small relatively inexpensive upgrade. We guarantee you will be delighted. Try it risk free* Specifications and Features  All hand wired point to point  No printed circuit board to ‘colour’ sound  Suitable for pickups requiring 10 – 500 Ohms  Low output impedance  Matching pre amp 47k (30-100K)  “By Pass” switch for MM cartridges  Gain = x10/20dB (x1 for “by pass”)  Signal to noise level -90db  Frequency response 10hz to 20khz –1db  Silver PTFE audio cable  Gold plated Input & output terminals  One line input/line output  Transformers made in England (Specifications subject to change)

Icon Audio MC TX (Moving Coil Transformer for PS2)

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