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Our best tube two-piece Icon Audio Headphone amplifier featuring the 205D tube. Available in Full Music or Psvane models with Bluetooth option.  Paul Rigby review -

From Icon Audio - David Shaw:

We believe that Directly Heated Triodes bring you closer to the music!

Many audiophiles have discovered that a simple well designed valve amplifier can give greater purity and intimacy than more complex solid state designs. This is especially true of headphone amplifiers and the 1920s W.E. 205D is about as simple as a valve gets! Taking inspiration from our award winning HP8 headphone amplifier, and the remarkable WE 205D valve, we have designed a deceptively simple amplifier which has surpassed even our own expectations!

The 205D is a Directly Heated Triode designed by the Western Electric Co in the 1920s and is probably the oldest design in current production! As a small power output valve it has excellent qualities for headphone use, being very linear in operation and low impedance. High end headphones can be very revealing and can sound clinical and overly bright with some amplifiers. Sonic presentation with the 205D and our output transformers has the highest definition and incredible dynamics but in nice way! More vivid and warmer sounding. Completely free of fatigue.

Headphones have the ability to convey incredible detail and insight into a recording so careful circuit design is called for. Like any valve amplifier the output transformers are crucial to the final quality and our own custom designed and wound transformers play an important part in this. Also an advanced design using Directly Heated Triodes such as this demands the highest quality power supplied by outboard power supply using a time honoured valve rectifier and choke circuit.

Although less than one Watt is needed to power headphones, we have taken the same care and attention to detail that is essential for any “high end” design, every component is chosen carefully to avoid negatively influencing the ultimate sound quality. As in our other designs the HP205D is hard wired throughout (without printed circuit boards) not only for better sound quality by using full size components and easier upgrades but for easy future service.

The 205D is driven by the post war ECC88, highly regarded for its neutral sound and complements the 205D technically and sonically.

The HP205D may be used as a stand-alone unit or as part of a hi fi system. The optional Bluetooth receiver make the HP 205D very versatile in use.

Icon Audio 205D Headphone Amplifier

C$6,295.00 Regular Price
C$4,995.00Sale Price
  • The Icon Audio 205D Headphone amplifier comes in a Full Music model- Optional Psvane model ($700 addition from 300B model and $250 addition from Full Music model) with the ability to order either model with Bluetooth. 

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