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For perfect connection see our Graham Slee cables listed on this website.

Icon Audio HP8 MK II Headphone Amplifier - CV181 (6SN7) SE - Headphone amplifiers can be very personal. The Icon Audio HP8 delivers the warm and open sound that is realized in the integrated tube amplifier Icon Audio line. Guaranteed to be the best sounding headphone tube amp in any price range. For more information and/or demonstration contact - Office: 249-880-5040 


UTube Review by Pedro in Spanish/English at: - Auto-Translate can be set to any language to view sub-titles. 


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Icon Audio HP8 MK II Headphone Amplifier

C$2,295.00 Regular Price
C$1,950.00Sale Price
  • Headphones have such an intimate relationship with the listener, a good headphone amplifier needs to have the purest possible sound to avoid long term listening fatigue for the user.


    The usual way to provide a headphone output on an integrated amplifier is to drop the power through a couple of resistors, giving “low fi” disappointing results. Solid State headphone amps often use a couple of $2 microchips which can sound harsh and have limited power.

    We use two Class A valves with high quality output transformers that provide ideal matching to almost any headphone type 30-600.

    The power supply has generous mains transformer two custom output transformers. The HP8 MK II is a heavy 7kg, and very solidly made, giving you an idea of how much iron you get for your money!

    Like our other models the HP8 MKII has no printed circuit board and is all hand wired with top quality components. We use silver PTFE audio cable, gold plated terminals and the famous “ALPS” volume pot for sonic purity.

    The front valve is the excellent ECC83. this has exceptional detail and fluidity. It complements the super 6SN7 (the best hi fi valve ever?). This combination will give you a simply stunning insight into inner detail of your favourite recordings whether analogue or digital.


    Specifications and Features

    • Comprehensive manual supplied
    • All hand wired point to point
    • No printed circuit board to ‘colour’ sound
    • Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot.
    • Class A, all Triode circuit
    • Output impedance matching from 6 to 600Ω
    • 2 x 6SN7 for output 1x ECC83 input valve
    • NOS, Treasure and Full Music types available
    • Signal to noise level -90db
    • Freq response better than 20hz-20kHz +0 –0.2db
    • Total harmonic distortion typically less than 0.2% 1khz
    • Also Suitable for ≥ 8 ohm high efficiency loudspeakers
    • Japanese steel EI transformers with low oxygen copper
    • High quality 2W metal film, & wire-wound resistors
    • Solen audio capacitors, Jensen upgrade available
    • Custom hand wound output transformers
    • Ceramic valve holders for minimum leakage
    • Silver PTFE audio cable
    • Gold plated Input/outputs
    • One line input
    • Loop through facility
    • 350mv input sensitivity.
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