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** Audioarcan is the Canadian authorized Distributor for Graham Slee products that include phono preamps, headphone amps, DAC, mono block amplifiers and hand-made interconnect cables. **

The Graham Slee Solo Headphone amplifier can be ordered from this website or by emailing us a request for a PayPal invoice at Prices include tax/shipping to any address within Canada. US orders are also available in US currency by email request (

For perfect connection see our Graham Slee cables listed on this website. 



To order/purchase in US funds just email an invoice request to: - PayPal available for credit card use. No membership is needed. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN US and CANADA.


Dedicated To The Solo Headphone Listener


All of the Solo's amplification is concentrated into its single stereo output - it doesn't compromise on sound like multiple outputs will. If you listen on your own it's the ideal headphone amp!

The Solo SRGII headphone amplifier is the refined version of our legendary "green" Solo and it's a snip at $810. CDN

Plus it offers an easy and simple upgrade path which involves swapping its outboard "green-energy" power supply to our PSU1.

SRG stands for Studio Reference Green. SRGII is the MkII version. It's available "in green" with its energy saving basic power supply - or go straight for the upgrade and buy it with the PSU1 power supply.

The Solo's have a long history of delivering wonderful music going back to 2001 as borne out in numerous reviews over the years - often beating off stiff competition from more expensive headphone amps.

The "green" Solo surfaced in 2007 as the first ever seriously hi-fi headphone amplifier to successfully run off green energy otherwise known as switched-mode power.

It had to be done because legislation on energy using products was about to become a legal requirement by 2010, and switched-mode power supplies have since become the de-facto source of outboard power for economy product variants such as the less-expensive Solo SRGII option.

The problem earlier hi-fi products had was that switched-mode power has so much high-frequency distortion content, and as all amplifiers output what is essentially signal-modulated power, that distortion content ends up at your headphone diaphragms.

The complex behavior of such distortion content with headphone diaphragm earpieces, not forgetting the amplifier itself, simply throttles the sound.

The "green" Solo, and now the Solo SRGII, overcame the problems switched-mode power caused, but went much further and the SRGII sound can fend off competition from more expensive headphone amplifiers using non switched-mode linear power. 


Headphone impedance range16 to 600 Ohms preferred; 8 to 2,000 Ohms acceptable
Power output (rms, both channels fully driven)32 Ohms: 27mW/channel; 600 Ohms: 23mW/channel
Distortion (THD plus noise, ref 1kHz)0.02%
Frequency response (-3dB)32 Ohms load: 27Hz - 35kHz; 600 Ohms load: 10Hz - 39kHz
Output noise (20Hz-20kHz, CCIR quasi-peak)-84dB
Input sensitivity (for specified power output)32 Ohms: 250mV rms; 600 Ohms: 775mV rms
Channel balancebetter than 1dB, "9 to 3 o'clock" positions
CrosstalkLeft to Right -57dB; Input to Input -68dB
MuteSignal off mute, non-shorting
Output StageBipolar class AB
Supply voltage24V DC
Size (approx.)W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 185 (mm) inc. controls

Graham Slee Solo SRGII Headphone Amplifier

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