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This offered bundle of the Hana SL MC cartridge and the Graham Slee Reflex C with PSU1 power supply (new showroom display model) is an excellent pairing. The Hana SL is our choice for the best sounding/performing MC cartridge in this price range and the .5 mlv output and the 400-ohm loading makes for a suburb match. ** Also available the Graham Slee Reflex M and C with the Dynavetor 10x5 MKII in High or Low Output - same price.

Hana SL


The Hana SL is the most reviewed and awarded Hana cartridge to date. It is distinguished by its black body and a Shibata stylus expertly mounted to its aluminum cantilever. The Hana SL features tighter channel balance, greater channel separation, and improved high-frequency extension.  

Dynaveotor 10x5 MKII MC high and low output cartridge


Reflex C w/PSU1

This Reflex C is a new showroom display model with no playtime and a two-year warranty. The Reflex is the best-selling phono preamplifier in the Graham Slee line delivering a warm and detailed sound that is typically achieved with much more expensive pairings. The Reflex C and the Hana SL make an outstanding combo in both performance and price point.


Graham Slee Reflex w/PSU1 w/ Hana SL MC Cartridge

C$2,315.00 Regular Price
C$1,995.00Sale Price
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