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Can be ordered from this website or by emailing us a request for a PayPal invoice at Price includes tax/shipping to any address within Canada. US orders are also available in US currency by email request. 

For perfect connection see our Graham Slee cables listed on this website. 


The Elevator EXP will give you hum-free sound, purer bass, greater definition and much more of your music.

In the beginning, you'd buy a step up transformer (S.U.T.) to be able to use a moving coil cartridge. But they hummed and did weird things to the bass. The Elevator EXP changes all that.

The Elevator EXP is supplied with the PSU1 power supply. Make Your MM Stereo Phono Amp Do Moving Coil The Elevator EXP is designed to step-up the tiny moving coil signal to the moving magnet level of a hi-fi phono amp input. It Also Let's You Adjust To Taste Whereas some moving coil cartridges will happily give their best with 100 Ω loading, others can be quite particular. Rather than fiddling around with links or DIP switches, the Elevator EXP gives you all its loading options up front, right there on the front panel - making it easy to get your sound right.  Suitable Cartridges Low output moving coil (MC) with output in the region of 0.15 - 0.8 mV (ref 1kHz at 5cm/sec) The Elevator EXP must always be used between cartridge and a moving magnet sensitivity input. It must never be used 'post EQ' - after the moving magnet phono preamp.


Input range0.15mV to 0.8mV
Output (for input range)2mV to 10mV, suitable for a moving magnet phono stage input
Maximum input378mV rms (a very large overload margin)
Maximum output4.914V rms
Gain22dB (13) < 10Hz to 917kHz (-3dB points)
Input impedance23, 30, 100, 840, 1000, 5100 and 47000 Ohms
Output (driving/source) impedance300 Ohm
Recommended load impedance47k Ohms phono stage preamp input
Noise at output-99dB CCIR Q-pk
Frequency response< 10Hz to 917kHz (-3dB points)
Channel balance0.2dB
Channel separation64dB
Size (approx.)W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 180 (mm) inc. jacks

Graham Slee Elevator EXP MC Step-Up Amplifier


    Review was done by Pedro Diaz - Professional English Horn Player for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

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