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OUR CHOICE for anti-static solution for all audio equipment.  We call it our "Borys Mini anti-static Curling Rock" named after the valued client that introduced us to this awesome audio accessory. 

UTube Video:

However it might be created, as hi-fi and music fans, we are used to the concept of static. - the enemy of analog. 

We can hear static via its collection on the surface of a vinyl disc. We hear the pops and clicks that static produces as it discharges. But not all static electricity actually discharges. A lot of it hangs around and goes nowhere. The sonic result of this stuff can enter the hi-fi chain to veil detail and subdue information in the form of EMI (Electromagnetic interference), which can be created from static electricity and related electrostatic discharge.

The Destat III from Furutech is a portable gadget to remove static. Yes it looks like a kettle or a small Curling Rock. The Destat III is battery-operated and very simple to use.

You press the operating button on the front of the handle, a power light shows green (low battery levels turn it red) and the thing that looks like a kettle suddenly springs into action as the internal fan gets up to speed (the fan is very quiet, though, even in a silent room), operating for 15 seconds before automatically shutting down again, ready for another button press.  Successfully removing static that other devices left behind.  FREE SHIPPING IN CANADA AND USA


Furutech Destat III Anti-Static Handheld

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