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Jaguar is pleased to offer EAR electronics, some of the most musical tube gear in existence. When it comes to high-end tube amplifiers, there are hundreds of brands on the market, many costing much more than EAR. However, at Jaguar we’re only interested in amps like EAR and Lamm, which are created by visionary designers and stand above the others as truly unique and special. Numerous available models allow you to select one that’s the best match for your system and the sound character you’re going for.


The EAR V12 is a Push-pull stereo integrated amplifier operating in enhanced triode mode and outputting 50 Watts per channel into 4, 8, or 16 ohms. The V12 uses EL84 output tubes (6 per channel). is self-biasing, and has six line inputs and one tape output. The EL84 sound is very similar to the EL34 but its smaller size translates into a more compact and agile sound…it’s like the audio equivalent of a Lotus sports car, with musicality through the roof.

EAR V-12 Integrated Tube Amplifier

SKU: V12
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