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** Most of the Icon Audio tube amplifiers have an upgraded tube and capacitor option.  (Signature) Premium tubes offer instant sonic gratification and the upgraded Mundorf capacitors result in an enriched transparent and warmer sound increasing as they mature. Audioarcan offers these Signature series upgrades as a stocked option order in the case of the Stereo 40 MKIV Integrated amplifier,  Stereo 30se, PS1 & PS3 MKII MM/MC phono preamps, HP8 headphone amp, and the LA4 Preamp.  The Signature upgrades are also offered and installed by our Technician at Audioarcan. David Shaw Premium white ceramic base CV181 (6NS7) tube shown is used in the PS3 and LA4 Signature upgrade.  This tube is a premium selection that represents the best test result percentage. 


For premium interconnects we offer the Graham Slee UK handmade copper and silver cables that are among the products represented on this website. 


** For addtional information on these upgrade options and/or to order please contact us at - Office: 249-880-5040

Tubes and Capacitor Signature Upgrades

  • Tubes sold by Audioarcan have a 90 day warranty as in line with our local provider. 

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