** Most of the Icon Audio tube amplifiers have an upgraded tube and capacitor option.  Premium tubes offer an instant sonic gratification and the upgraded capacitors result in a warmer sound as they mature. Audioarcan offer these upgrades as a custom order or in the case of the Stereo 40 MKIV and PS3 MKII MM/MC as a stocked upgraded PLUS series

** The optional BIS AC AMP cable is our recommended upgraded AC power chord. Although it may not provide as obvious sound reward as other upgrades the premium power cables are Hand-made in Canada with lots of copper and shielding which result in a superior power delivery to the amplifier.  The therory being that a premium amplifier deserves a premium cable.

** For addtional information on these upgrade options and/or to order please contact us at sales@audioarcan.com - Office: 249-880-5040

Available Amplifier Options


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